Bruce Green

Resident (in recovery) at Ennet House. Childhood sweetheart was the “unfortunately named” Mildred Bonk. They have a daughter, Harriet. They lived (for a time) in a trailer off the Allston Spur, with the hare-lipped dealer.

His mother died of a heart attack on Christmas morning when he was a child. He believed (as a child) that he was giving her a can of macadamia nuts (her favorite) when in fact his father substituted the can of nuts with an Acme Nuts ‘N’ Serpents gag. Later, his father was executed by lethal injection after making a bunch of over-powered explosive gag cigars. (pp. 579-581)

Did he miss curfew only once? or does the reference on pp. 538 refer to “The Lenz Incident”? - which is confusing because it’s a passage used to set up the whole bit about Lenz and his small animal killings, but since it’s at the beginning, it sounds like this is a time Bruce Green missed curfew at the beginning of the whole small animal killing stuff, and but not necessarily the night of the incident with the Quebeckers.

And but so: Bruce Green comes knocking on the door of Ennet House at 2336h (just barely after curfew) – all tail between his legs etc. and is totally compliant with Gately’s otherwise humiliating spot urine etc.