Don Gately

188 cm. (6’ 2”) 128 kg. (282 lb.) (pp. 469)

NOT left-handed (pp. 884)

Thief and drug addict, among other things.

Murdered (though not on purpose?) Guillaume DuPlessis. (Though Gately’s murder charge gets taken over by Unspecified Services… pp. 463)

RE: Gately’s climax – is he beaten by FLQ? (see fn. 47)

Gately routinely drives Pat Montesian’s priceless black 1964 Ford Aventura, despite not really having a license…

…for Gately the vehicle’s so terrifically tight and sleek it’s like being strapped into a missle and launched at the site of a domestic errand.

(pp. 461)

(Boston) AA

Some lengthy discussion (couched in/around Gately’s own experience of same) of:

…when he kneels at other times and prays or meditates or tries to achieve a Big-Picture spiritual understanding of a God as he can understand Him, he feels Nothing – not nothing, but Nothing, an edgeless blankness that somehow feels worse than the sort of unconsidered atheism he Came In with.

(pp. 443)

Gately’s main addiction is actually with oral narcotics (and Demerol in particular), but decides to go the AA route instead of NA. (Ed. note: go back and find the citation for this that contains the reason why.)

Pre-Ennet House

Childhood and Family

Hospitalized at St. Elizabeth's

unsure of the day when he regains consciousness…