Randy Lenz

Ennet House resident.

Has a tattoo (right hip) with the name “Pamela” – but has no recollection of anyone named Pamela, nor of getting the tattoo.

"Issues Resolution"


(pp. 541) First rats; then cats; also dogs.

1st active de-mapping of a cat is United Nations Day (24 Oct.); he strikes it (while it’s inside the SteelSak) against a no-parking sign, after it scratched his wrist. (pp. 544)

pp. 538 - description of Lenz’s way of dealing with settling into sobriety; i.e., by killing small animals during his walks home from AA/NA meetings (more on this in the “Bruce Green” entry)

Lenz has such a panoply of strange compulsive habits that a request for SteelSaks barely raises a brow on anybody.

(pp. 542)

Lenz is using cocaine while at Ennet House (“two or three, maybe half a dozen times tops, secretly”, pp. 543)

Lenz kills animals by:

Lenz visualizes (but does not commit) the murder of a homeless man.

Ultimate fate: kidnapped by Marathe et al. and convinced to watch The Entertainment