Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House (sic.)

constituent members of Enfield Marine Public Health Hospital complex

Unit 1

Psychiatric care and medications for “wild-eyed” Vietnam vets with “very delayed” PTSD.

Unit 2

Methadone clinic, and the target of a prank by Don Gately back in the day.

Unit 3

Currently under renovation.

Unit 4

Treatment for (mostly) Alzheimer’s patients. (The “HELP WANTED” prank, pp. 196.)

Unit 5

In-patient care for “the catatonic and vegetablish”. a.k.a., “The Shed”

Unit 6

Ennet House Drug and Alcohol Recovery House (sic); pp. 197 for physical description of the building itself.

Unit 7

Boarded-up and effectively abandoned. Ennet House residents use it for their secret relapses; Ennet House residents discovered to be going in there are subject to immediate expulsion. Unit 7’s rent is paid for by ETA.