Before Subsidization (B.S.)

Year of the Whopper

Year of the Tucks Medicated Pad


24 November (Thanksgiving)

25 December (Christmas)

Year of the Trial Size Dove Bar



1 April

something smells delicious

Year of the Perdue Wonderchicken

Year of the Whisper-Quiet Maytag Dishmaster

Year of the Yushityu 2007 Mimetic-Resolution-Cartridge-View-Motherboard-Easy-To-Install-Upgrade For Infernatron/InterLace TP Systems For Home, Office Or Mobile [sic]

Year of Dairy Products from the American Heartland

Year of the Depends Adult Undergarment

1 April

30 April


1 May

9 May


…when he kneels at other times and prays or meditates or tries to achieve a Big-Picture spiritual understanding of a God as he can understand Him, he feels Nothing – not nothing, but Nothing, an edgeless blankness that somehow feels worse than the sort of unconsidered atheism he Came In with.

(pp. 443)

10 August


…friendship at ETA is a nonnegotiable currency.

24 October (United Nations Day)

early November

1 November

3 November

4 November

5 November

…not more Separatism questions.

6 November

7 November

8 November

Interdependence DayGaudeamus Igitur

The parabolical transcontinental flight of a liquid-fuel strategic delivery vehicle closely resembles a topspin lob.

9 November

10 November

11 November


…a mass choreography somewhat similar to those comulsory A.M. tai chi slo-mo exercise assemblies in post-Mao China – except that the Chinese assemble publicly together.

(pp. 620)

12 November

13 November

14 November

17 November

19 November

20 November

later in November

25 November

Year of Glad